VMail, another Outside The Box Product

Why vStamps?

Most mailing list providers charge their customers a flat monthly fee based on the number of email messages you intend to broadcast. You can determine how much each message costs by dividing the monthly fee by the maximum number of messages allowed. You will find that most companies charge two cents or more per message...and that's if you send the absolute maximum!

At Outside The Box, we realize that the number of messages you must send varies greatly depending on your business needs. Why should you spend as much money in a month when you didn't send out as much mail? When you go to the post office, they don't charge you a fee for the right to use the postal service...they simply require you to put a stamp on all messages sent. That's why we invented vStamps, the solution that only costs as much as you absolutely need...and our stamps cost less than a penny each!

We also offer discounts on bulk purchase of our vStamps, driving your price as low as a third of a penny per message! Do the math, and you'll understand why eMMa is the most cost-effective way for you to manage your email marketing campaign!

Let us know if you have any questions!