VMail, another Outside The Box Product

Why VMail?

What good email tools should do:

• Provide an opt-out interface backed by a sincere privacy policy
• Provide an opt-in interface to grow lists
• Provide easy to use tools for list manipulation
• Permit individual contacts to be on multiple lists
• Hide the recipients in the mail headers
• Handle HTML and text messages
• The mail server should sit on a "fat pipe" to the net
• Provide reports of delivered and undeliverable addresses
• Backed by knowledgeable and friendly customer service

Why eMMa does it better:

• Our opt-out interface does not permit the sender to ignore the opt-out request
• Our contact forms grow your list
• Our tools are easy enough for anyone to use
• Our tools enable contacts to be on multiple lists
• No one can "steal" contacts from mail headers using our tools
• Our tools can do both HTML and text cleanly
• Our server sits on a "fat pipe"
• Our reports give detailed information about your broadcasts
• Our customer support is second to none

Let us know if you have any questions!