VMail, another Outside The Box Product

Add-On Services

The cost of these services depends on your unique situation. Use our contact form to get more information and a quote on the combination of these critical services that meets your needs. Don't try to manage eMail Broadcasting on your own, ask the experts!

eMail Broadcast Content Analysis and Consulting
What to send? How often to send? How many lists do I need? How to I keep the trust of my valuable customers? These are all important questions, and we can help you answer them! Every business is different, so use our contact form to let us know you are interested in any of our Add-On services, and we'll get back to you to work out the details.

Contact Data Extraction and Loading
Do you already have lists of email addresses and other contact info scattered in multiple different locations and different programs like Access, Excel, AOL, Netscape or others? We can help you "extract" this valuable data, and load it into your eMMa database, ending all your contact information headaches by providing a single easy-to-use way to manage this important information.

eMail Address Gathering Campaigns and Consulting
What if you don't have any contact information? Or you have lots of contacts, but few or no email addresses? What if you want to build up your lists of contacts and email addresses? We can help you gather email addresses from customers and potential customers who want to see what you have to offer. Don't buy a list of unknown email addresses, we'll help you build up your own lists and "convert" existing contacts into eager email customers.

Custom Database Fields
Our standard contact database contains name, company name, address, phone, email and other "basic" information. We can help you define and add "custom" fields to help you target your emails. For example, you may have multiple points of purchase (storefronts, restaurants, etc.), and being able to identify at which point of purchase a person signed up for your mailing list would enable you to send targeted email broadcasts.

Let us know if you have any questions!