SearchFind, another Outside The Box Service

Why SearchFind?

The SearchFind/TrafficAnalysis service does much more than other offers to drive traffic to your Web site. We work with your existing site, or while setting up a site, to make sure the necessary pieces are in place for Web search portal placement success. Then we submit your site to the 24 most important search engines (placement on 62 international engines available too!). You get easy-to-read monthly reports showing where you stand on each search portal, and analyzing the resulting traffic to your Web site. Every three months we provide an in-depth analysis and change recommendation, constantly adjusting your search portal placement campaign to meet the changing needs of your firm and the Web world.

Offers to submit your site to "thousands of search engines" are a waste of money. How do you know if you've done well? If you are trying to get placement for 25 "search phrases" on 25 search engines, you'd have to perform 625 searches a month to determine if a service is gaining you any traffic...or customers! Only Outide The Box' SearchFind/TrafficAnalysis service helps you set and surpass goals for Web site traffic and customer building campaigns.

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