SearchFind, another Outside The Box Service

SearchFind is a powerful solution to a problem shared by all Web site owners - placing the site on major search engines and determining the effectiveness of that placement. Traditional methods of placement are time-consuming and frustrating. SearchFind automates and optimizes the dual processes of site placement and analysis. Most importantly, this tool improves customer access to the site by enhancing the site's placement on search engines. The Outside The Box staff works directly with your Web site team to review results to date and plan further optimization. The result is a well-placed site that your customers will find with ease.

• Search engines are the #1 way to attract new customers
• Drive people to your site with our SearchFind service, gather their info using Collector, then send targeted email broadcasts using VMail.
• We'll analyze your site, and help you get top search engine placement.
• We'll analyze your traffic and adjust the SearchFind campaign so you get measurable results.

Current SearchFind clients include:

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