Collector, another Outside The Box Product

Why Collector?

What good Web forms management tools should do:
• Save all your valuable information in a secure database.
• Send formatted email to appropriate information managers.
• Apply easily to any Web form.
• Help users avoid simple mistakes and provide valid information.
• Integrate wth other customer management tools.
• Deliver reports on customer behavior.
• Deliver a friendly "thanks" page and email confirmation upon successful form submission.
• User input intelligently screened for potential errors

Why Collector does it better:
• Collector stores your data in our robust databases that are backed up daily.
• Collector allows you to forward form output to multiple email addresses.
• Collector can be easily applied to any Web form.
• Collector applies our SmartForms technology to clean your data on the way in.
• Collector provides immediate customer feedback and intelligent error handling.
• Collector integrates seamlessly with our eMMa software.
• Collector offers reports so you can examine what your customers are doing. (coming soon)
• Collector lets you organize your customers according to their responses so you can target market sectors (coming soon)

Let us know if you have any questions!