AdEngine, another Outside The Box Product

Add-On Services

The cost of these services depends on your unique situation. Use our contact form to get more information and a quote on the combination of these critical services that meets your needs. Don't try to manage Webvertising on your own, ask the experts! If any of the terms below are unfamiliar to you, visit our FAQ page for all the right answers.

Webvertising Campaign Consulting
Who wants to advertise on my site? How much should I charge? How do I get started? Can I encourage my existing Sponsors to extend their advertising to my Web site and/or email broadcasts? How do I create a media kit, or extend my existing one? Outside The Box has the experience and tools to help answer all these questions...and more!

Webvertisement Creation
What if my advertisers don't have Web-ready ads, and have no idea how to create them? What about animated ads? Can I convert my print ads to Web ads? Outside The Box can provide world-class Web graphics services to create ads that are much more effective than the competition, at extremely reasonable rates!
Check out some examples of our Web ad work.

Ad Sales Management
Can my current sales rep handle Webvertising sales too? What if I don't have an advertising rep, or my current one doesn't have the skills they need? Can I get training to empower us to sell our own ads? How do I find potential Sponsors for my Webvertising? Outside The Box has our own internal sales reps with tons of eager potential Sponsors that can handle all this for you, or we can provide training and materials to get your started.

AdSpace Creation
How do I get ads on my existing Web site? Outside The Box can carve out the necessary AdSpaces to provide the space you need, and help you maximize your Web "real estate" for AdSpace placement.

Let us know if you have any questions!