AdEngine, another Outside The Box Product

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?
AdEngine is a "Webvertising" (Web advertising) management tool. It manages the selling, placement, maintenance, invoicing and billing for Web- and email-based advertisements.

How does it work?
AdEngine allows Web site owners to manage advertisements on their Web sites, turning existing traffic into revenue...Free Money!

Is Web Advertising worthwhile?
In the "old days" (1990s) many Web site owners made millions from Webvertising. Since the "dot-com crash" that started in the late 1990s, advertising on the Web has fallen out of favor...but it's now back and making millions (and billions) for Web site owners again...why not you? (Forrest Research estimated that in 2004 9.6 BILLION dollars was spent on online advertising, and that a 20% annual increase will result in over 26 BILLION dollars by 2010!)

How is it different?
Google and Yahoo and other "huge" firms offer ad services, but you have no control over what ads appear on your site (perhaps your competitors!?!), and you get paid tiny little amounts of money. AdEngine gives you complete control over what ads get placed, and where, and rewards you with much larger revenue.

How can my site make money?
If you get significant traffic at your own site, advertisers are interested in your site already. If you don't get "enough" traffic, we can make your site part of an AdPool of multiple sites, allowing your site to generate Free Money from advertisers ("Sponsors") that wouldn't be interested in just your site.

What is an AdSpace?
An AdSpace is a chunk of "Web real estate," in other words, a specific piece of one or your Web site pages, that is set aside for advertising. Our AdSpace specification currently includes standardized Banners, Half-Banners, Skyscrapers, and Tile ads. Don't worry: We take care of carving out the AdSpaces on your Web site.

What is an AdSpace Provider?
Anyone who has one or more AdSpaces defined on their Web site is an AdSpace Provider.

What are AdPools?
AdPools are groups of Web sites whose combined traffic is much more interesting to potential Sponsors than if they are considered one at a time. We are currently marketing AdPools for the general "San Diego regional" market, and the more specific "San Diego music-related regional" market...since we are a San Diego based firm, and the music industry is one of our specialties.

How does email fit in?
Sponsors love being on your Web site almost as much as they love appearing in your email broadcasts. If you are already using email to market your products and services, we can help you make Free Money by using AdEngine to place Sponsor's ads on your broadcasts. If you aren't using email broadcasts to to us about our eMMa (email Marketing assistant) tool!

What is an AdRep?
An AdRep is a Web-savvy advertisement sales rep. Someone with experience and connections to eager Sponsors, who can generate tons of Free Money using your existing Web site and/or email broadcasts.

What if I don't want to handle selling ads?
No problem, we have a world-class AdRep with connections to tons of potential sponsors, eagerly awaiting permission to start making you Free Money!

What if I already have someone to sell ads for me?
No problem! We offer AdEngine for FREE, so your own existing AdRep (or someone we can help you locate and hire) can start making you Free Money right away!

OK, I'm sold, how do I get started?
I'm almost convinced, but I still have questions...
Contact us by filling out our online form. An Outside The Box representative will get back to you quickly to show you how to get your Free Money rolling in.

Let us know if you have any questions!